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申博体育Cat-i Glass offers various films which add performance and versatility to a glass substrate. Some of the benefits include anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-fog, tint, safety, Infrared / solar energy rejection, and diffusion. Projective capacitance (PCAP) sensors can also be adhered onto a screen printed or plain glass piece to provide a more turn-key product for assembly into a touch screen device.


Commonly Stocked Glass Films:

  • Anti-Fog
  • Anti-Glare
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Diffusers
  • IR Absorbing
  • Neutral Density
  • Protective
  • Safety
  • Tints
  • UV Blocking

We Know Glass

Our continued growth is driven by our business philosophy, state of the art equipment, extensive glass inventory and
申博体育 employees dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

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