Unrivaled Capabilities

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One of the first steps in the fabrication of glass products is cutting a shape from sheets of flat glass. Scoring the glass is performed by rolling a small carbide wheel across the sheet, forming a compression line in the surface.  Stress is applied to the compression line resulting in a controlled fracture to separate the glass sheet into individual parts. We utilize computer numerical control (CNC) machines for precision and accurate cutting wheel placement.


What is the Cat-i Glass edge over the competition?

申博体育We have a team of dedicated glass-fabrication engineers who routinely build and modify equipment and improve processes for all of our flat glass fabrication and is one reason we are a leading U.S. producer of quality flat glass products.  This remarkable flexibility is one of the significant advantages Cat-i Glass has over other flat glass fabricators.

Unrivaled Capabilities No matter the job, we can handle it

Cat-i Glass is a full-service flat-glass fabricator with in excess of 150 employees and more than 100,000 square feet of production area。 Cat-i Glass is proud to offer the following capabilities:

We Know Glass

Our continued growth is driven by our business philosophy, state of the art equipment, extensive glass inventory and
employees dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

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